Learning Disabilities

Opieka Ltd support people with a learning disability to live in their own home.

We always start with the individual and build the service around their needs. We work with people with disabilities to help them live the life they want. We encourage and support people to build their social networks and work towards personal goals such as learning to look after their home or getting a job. Whatever the level of support required, we will ensure that users receive the care that they need to learn, develop and enjoy life.

We recognise that people with disabilities may need support to help them achieve their goals.

Person centred support

The support we provide depends on what you need and want. We work with you to support you to do the things you want to do, supporting you to communicate what you want and to tell us how we are doing.  We also look to form strong working relationships with others involved in supporting you.

We will get to know you to find what support you need and also the things you like and dislike. We will change your support plan as and when your needs and wishes change. We can support you whether you need only a few hours of support each week, some support every day or 24-hour care.

Ways in which we can support you:

  • Assist you to keep safe and healthy.
  • Promote independent living – either on your own, with friends or family or in shared accommodation.
  • Help you go on holiday.
  • Help you keep in touch with the people who are important to you.
  • Assist you to get a job or volunteer.
  • Assistance with light domestic duties
  • Assistance with washing and dressing
  • Friendship, reassurance and companionship
  • Practical help in managing bills, medicines, and so on
  • Help to participate in activities that enable social inclusion
  • Help in going shopping or to meet friends
  • Help with contributing to, and being part of, the community
  • Help with participating in leisure and sports activities
  • Respite care for families with learning disabled dependents
  • Ensuring individuals are provided with accurate and accessible information about their rights, responsibilities and the choices available to them in their preferred format and language.