Opieka’s staff were friendly and hard-working and their professional manner maintained respect and dignity to the Client. They have taken the pressure off my family and will always assist to the best of their ability. I would not hesitate to recommend them.

Gwendoline B – Withernsea - Daughter

I have found Opieka's staff to be sociable, friendly and very capable workers. They are reliable and their time keeping was impeccable. They showed a truly professional manner in caring for my Mother, even going beyond the call of duty. They can adjust to the situation at hand and cope well. I would not hesitate to recommend them to other persons in need of care.

Jacqueline G – Shipley - Daughter

The Opieka care worker is like a breath of fresh air coming into the house. They are intelligent, friendly, efficient, friendly, discreet and professional. Because of their experience they had our situation assessed in no time. It is a pleasure to have them coming to tend to my mother’s needs every morning and the house is a happier place because of them. They have made life much easier for both my mother and myself. Their sunny attitude and friendly nature soon won over my mother’s affection and trust – which is half the battle. I found them very professional, knowledgeable and dependable. We have employed many people over the years and know when someone is capable – be assured they are.

Jean S – Hull - Daughter