Sally Kelly

I am pleased to be in a position, as a business owner to be able to ensure that the care we provide is only that of the highest quality and that it is delivered with care and compassion by the staff we employ.

The peace of mind families get knowing their loved ones are supported by a reliable and trustworthy carer is enormous and the benefit to the Client is being able to remain living in their home and maintaining their independence for as long as possible, while building a friendly relationship with their carer.

I have had personal experience of home care with my mother, even with knowing the care sector as well as I do I struggled to find her quality, reliable and flexible care, which led to many frustrations.

Outreaching rural areas in the East Riding often create barriers to find care providers and we aim to cover these areas.

We want to provide the type of care that I just couldn’t find for my mum, the way care should be provided but sadly, very often isn’t.

I have a fantastic business partner working alongside me, we have worked together for 9 years and we have complementary skills and are thrilled to be working together to make a difference for people living in our local area. I trust her implicitly and I know she believes fully in our mission to provide the right care, at the right time, in the right way.